Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fiberart International

My Pittsburgh guild is doing a set of wrapping paper for a benefit of Fiber Art International 2012 just like they did the decks of cards for FI 2010. On the wrapping paper will be printed fiber work letters for each of the alphabet in squares plus a square for FGH
(Fiberart guild of Pittsburgh) and FI logo (Fiberart International). 

I got in late so all the letters were taken, I got the Fiberart Int logo which had to be pictured as a script lower case f and i just as pictured positioned in the square also as pictured. The pictured Pittsburgh skyline is a composite--those buildings are not really next to each other in real life, but are unique to Pittsburgh.

It was fun. I considered felting, but since the final piece had to be exactly 12"x12", I was leery of how big to start. I also have been doing some fabric painting and dying and decided to use those skill plus appliqué. Doing another beadwork piece was prohibitive time wise as "Clubbing the Night Away"-see previous posts Sept 09-Feb10 actually took a full year to complete. Joanne