Thursday, March 31, 2011

Common Ground on line: Painting Exhibit Opening

The Common Ground Class Schedule is now on line and accepting registrations.

Common Ground on the Hill Traditions Weeks 2011 Registration and catalog are live online now at

I am teaching a peyote stitched beadwork necklace with plated leaf pendant week I which is July 4-8, periods 3+4 (afternoon). Photo of the necklace is in a previous post.

I also paint with a lively group of artists on Thursday nights at the Towson Arts Alliance. We will be having a show of our works April 15- May 14; opening April 15 6-8PM at the Framing Gallery in Towson 406 York RD. Come on out if you are in the area. Joanne

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Just Felt Like It Exhibit continued

Here are more photos of the Potomac Fiberarts Guild Felting Study Group I's exhibit at the Saville Gallery. Would you believe felt could be so varied?
Allegheny’s Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland Maryland, 9 North Centre Street, Cumberland, MD 21502; 301-777-ARTSThe show runs from 10 March until 2 April 2011.

Gallert hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM; Sat 11AM-4PM


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Just Felt Like It Exhibit

The I Just Felt Like It Exhibit is now open at the Saville Gallery, Cumberland, MD. Since I posted photo sequences of the creation of the "Spring" nuno felted-wool on tulle-banner, I thought that I would post a few photos provided to me by Roz Houseknecht of the finished banners.

Summer, Fall and Winter: Felted and fulled

Allegheny’s Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland Maryland.

The show runs from 10 March until 2 April 2011.

Saville Gallery is located at 9 North Centre Street, Cumberland, MD 21502; 301-777-ARTS;
Gallert hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM; Sat 11AM-4PM
Banners in place: Fall and Winter


Members of the Study Group participating in the exhibit include:
Joanne Bast, Bev Thoms, Roz Houseknecht, Zita Simutis, Dalis Davidson, Sharon Janda, Kathy Korin, Grace Mahanes, Paige Garber, Renate Maile-Moskowitz, Francine Stefancic, Terri Fisher, and Jeanne Bohlen

Here we are at the opening:

Sorry, but I happen to be missing from the opening as I had already left on my trip up the coast of Norway--more about that later. Joanne

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fall Beadwork Necklace

I'm a little late with my Tribute to Fall necklace. I fell in love with this particular hand painted porcelain and sterling pendant from Artbeads, paired it with some stoneware tube beads repeating the triangles found in the pendant, and thought that I would imbed it in brick stitched chevrons and arrowheads. However, when I actually received the pendant, it was so strong that I just couldn't see surrounding it with seed bead work. I thought about this piece all winter. It just needed to stand alone. I am not a bead stringer but prefer to work with more elaborate stitching. I appreciate "less is more" when others do it, but tend toward a "more is better" person in my own work.

I finally hit on a strip of right angle weave and some glass chevron beads. I chose to work the RAW in large (for me) about size 6 beads so that I could use a heavier thread that I usually use since it would need to carry the weight of the pendant. The areas of right angle weave are alternated with short strung sequences containing the stoneware tube beads, glass chevrons and beads of glazed porcelain by Clay River Designs. The catch is a sterling toggle with imbedded carnelian by Star's Beads. I like to repeat elements found in the necklace in the catch, either by metal, color or both.

I was pleased that I could incorporate some beadwork stitching and still showcase this spectacular pendant. Joanne


Star's sterling-carnelian toggle clasp

Stoneware tubes 

Clay River Beads

Disclosure: The Hand painted porcelain and sterling pendant as well as the stoneware tube beads were kindly provided free-of-charge by, within the frames of blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.