Monday, February 8, 2010

FGP#25 "Clubbing the Night Away" final touches

It is always tricky thinking out the presentation of a beadwork piece. I was not satisfied with the way that the 6 of clubs piece hung. The wire joins at the top where I placed loops for hanging created small hinges which moved just enough to allow the piece to bend and not hang straight. I searched for heavier wire but would have to had used brown. The 14 gauge wire that I used was the heaviest black I could find, I really did not want to add a brown border by whip stitching another round of wire with a different join site. I had no luck at craft and/or hardware stores finding something that would do the trick. However, it was time to get my teeth cleaned, and I asked my dentist about wire. He sent me to an orthodontist friend who gave me a piece of thin but very stiff orthodontic wire. It did the trick. All I needed was to support the top line that contained the loops and joins of the original wire. I whip stitched the orthodontic wire to the back of the piece between the first 2 rows of beads. It is barely visible and improves the hang immensely. Joanne

Here are the final shots and details of each couple. I am still waiting to here when and where the deck of cards may be purchased and when and where (in Pittsburgh, PA) the exhibit of all the card pieces will be. I will post here when I know. 


  1. Wow, absoletly outstanding! Congratulations!!!!!!
    Maria Teresa

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