Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beadwork Interlude

I am relaxing and refreshing my creative juices by adoring my new puppy, Apolo. He is still trying to get my old dogs, Ben and Jerry, to play with him to no avail and is fascinated by the cats, Culpepper and Keswick (named after horse show venues that my daughter shows at). He also sits and stares at the old retired horses in the front yard paddock. We have an equestrian center on adjacent property (Swan Lake Stables) and run horse shows ourselves. We visited our son and family in upstate NY over the holidays and Apolo got to dip his feet in Lake Owasco.


  1. Oh my how sweet! I want to take him home with me! Although I think my other four dogs would get pretty jealous, he's just so cute.


  2. AWE!!! That is just the cutest lil puppy ever!!!

  3. Thank you for looking. I also think he is the cutest ever. My two adult Cavaliers, Ben and Jerry, are not happy, but at least Ben is adjusting. Jerry still is very jealous and growls. The new puppy is named Apolo as he was born during the winter Olympics. I am hoping he will be a fast agility dog.

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