Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trip to China

Wow. I am back from a trip to China. It was a great trip. We saw handpainted porcelain, silk embroidery, embroidery embellished tapestries and much more. I even got to hold a baby panda bear. We finished up in Cambodia and are planning to return to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam next year. However, I did return with food poisoning and have been taking my good old time recovering.

Tomorrow, I saunter on down to Westminster, MD to teach my Falling Leaf Peyote stitched beadwork necklace at Common Ground, McDaniel College. I will also be taking a Japanese dyeing technique workshop. AND concerts every night.

Here are some photos of the porcelain painters.


And of course me and the 10 month panda baby.

More when I return from Common Ground. Joanne


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