Thursday, October 1, 2009

FGP Card Project #2

To begin the beadwork, I choose one of the lines I have drawn and construct a bead ladder laying it directly on the photo to measure length. I work to one side of the ladder, again measuring frequently by placing the beadwork on the photo. I shape the line by increasing-that is using larger beads or stacking 2 or 3 beads and/or decreasing-that is using smaller beads or short rows. If the direction needs to change drastically, I will start a new bead ladder following an adjacent line and work from the new bead ladder towards the old. To work perpendicular to existing beadwork, just turn the work 90 degrees and pick up the thread between bead rows instead of the normal thread between tops of beads. I am assuming a knowledge of brick stitch here. I am sure that how to do brick stitch can be found elsewhere. The trick is to keep measuring constantly against the picture to check size, shape and direction of the beadwork. Enough for now. Joanne


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