Saturday, October 10, 2009

PLaying Card Project #3

Woops, I have started over. I forgot that the end result is to be photographed in playing card size. This means I must keep contrast high between differentiated areas. I knew that I wanted to darken the skin of the Swing Dancers, but leaving the bodice black does not provide enough contrast. I certainly do not want to imply a topless dancer!

I have also switched the blue in the skirt to a truer blue not an aqua. Thus will blend better with the entire picture.

The man's coat is providing additional challenges. The arm forward of the body is done in bigger beads and lighter shades and the coat tail also progressed to bigger and paler beads to put it in front of the pants. Again, I use the collage template to control my size, shape and direction of design lines. Only by constantly laying the working beadwork against the template can I keep myself from drifting off course.


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