Saturday, May 18, 2013

Teaching at Common Ground

So much has happened this year. Fist we took a 3 week river cruise of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar (Burma). It was fantastic to see such an unspoiled part of the world. I have so many new photos for inspiration.

I have decided to not put up with foot pain anymore and jump into foot surgeries 5 and 6, removing the implant inserted 1 1/2 years ago for my 3rd bunion removal that has given me nothing but pain since. This recovery is the most drastic ever, 6 weeks no weight bearing on the right foot. Wouldn't be so bad except I have to support myself on a rolling device on my bad right knee. I week down, 5 to go.

I am, however, preparing to teach the first week in July at Common Ground at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. Common Ground is a fantastic festival of music and visual arts. Great fun and concerts every night. I will be teaching a class focusing on beaded beads. We will do at least four beaded beads, each in a different beadwork stitch--peyote, brick, square, and right angle weave. Get to learn 4 different beadwork stitches and string the results on a necklace with glass and resin spacer beads. Come join me for a week of inspiration. Everyone's necklace will be one of a kind.


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