Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Beaded Bead necklaces

I have had a very difficult time trying to log in to my blog and repost since google took over, but I finally figured it out so here goes:

Actually the foot surgeries were $6 and #7 not #5 and #6 but they are over. Recovery from the foot surgeries was no problem. However, the knee roller destroyed my bad knee and initiated pain in my good knee-both of which have not recovered. So now I am waiting for knee replacement scheduling. My poor dogs--can't play with me.

I have finished 2 more beaded bead necklaces. I am having fun combining the beaded beads with other bead items. I will not be teaching at Common Ground in 2014, but hope to be back in 2015.

 Beaded Beads plus polymer beads by Grant Diffendaffer and Natural Touch Resin beads.

Beaded Beads plus lamp worked glass by Paula Radke.

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