Monday, November 23, 2009

FGP#8 Male Disco Dancer

OK--to procede on with Mr. Disco Dancer, I began at the waist, changing the direction of the brick stitch by adding a bead and inserting into the thread between 2 beads and then going back through the new bead.
After a few rows, I began the right leg by extending a bead ladder. It just doesn't work to make the bead ladder the entire leg length. I do 1"-2" at a time, then stabilize by adding a second and row. A third row takes me back to where I can then extend the bead ladder further down the leg. Repeat till the correct leg length is achieved.

Since the right leg needs to connect into the crotch, I switched to the left leg. When the left leg and crotch areas were completed, I returned and finished the right leg. Note that shading the white leisure suit takes a large selection of cream and tan colored beads in sizes from 15 to 6. Smaller beads are needed for tapering. Larger beads are used for shaping and to emphasize rounded areas such as the knee and butt.

Switching to black thread, the feet were added on with a direction change in the brick stitch rows. Note that I also shape by stacking beads 2 and even 3 beads high in a single brick stitch row.  Joanne


  1. Hi Joanne,

    Love your disco guy! This is great! What a fun project.