Thursday, November 26, 2009

FGP#9 Female Disco Dancer

Turkey Day but I got up early. Luckily I have a husband who does the holiday dinners. So while he is preparing the turkey, I can be over in my back yard studio finishing up and posting Ms Disco.

First is to pick a place to begin. I chose the waist. Note that I am ignoring the colors of the photo and doing all of my dancers in the same color range as the first pair. Ms Disco poses an additional problem as the photo I am working from is particularly bad (I photographed UTube video clip dancers off my computer screen and then pasted different dancers together to get the pose and costume that I wanted).

In working the skirt, I exaggerated the creases in the skirt by stitching short rows to emphasize movement. When the skirt was at an appropriate place, I joined it to Mr. Disco's leg. Ms Disco's legs were done in the same manner previously describes in past posts. And off course she needs platform shoes.

When the lower body was finished, I went back to the waist and worked the torso upwards, extending bead ladders for the arms. Shading the bead colors and sizes provides roundness to the body and bust.

Hair and face were last. Due to the small size of the face area and the resolution limit of the bead size, face detail needs to be kept to a minimum. Now its time to go enjoy family and dinner. Joanne

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  1. An incredible beadwork! I don't try words to say you how is beautifull! You have gold hands!