Sunday, December 13, 2009

FGP#14 All Three Nightclub Dancing Couples

I have now completed all 3 nightclub dancing couples. I am entranced by the gestural expression that can be achieved by brick stitch beadwork. I am not a grid person. I have seen wonderful work done in peyote and loomed beadwork that has been beautifully gridded, but I prefer the freedom to stitch in whatever direction I choose and to use the varying direction of bead rows as a part of the design.  In addition, freely changing bead shapes and sizes can be used to emphasize certain areas over others and give a better impression of what is in front and what is behind.

Note that since the end result is to be photographed as a playing card, The disco couple is upside down.
However, this is not the end. Now all three couples need to be fixed in place by a beaded background including a pair of disco balls, a speakeasy door and a dance floor. Joanne


  1. These figures are just amazing. Great work!

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