Saturday, December 19, 2009

FGP#15 First Disco Ball

The original collage was made with disco balls that were photos of pictures. I was never quite satisfied with them. I searched until I found a real disco ball that I could photograph and do so in several orientations. I am much happier with these new photos so have pasted them over the original disco balls.

To begin the beadwork, I chose a line in the photo to make as my first bead ladder. It happens to be in the lower middle of the ball. And remember, I do not do a bead ladder the length of the line, I do the bead ladder in 1"-2" stages, curving the line by increasing, decreasing, and bead size changes in the second and third rows. I decided to add bugles and rectangular beads to add to the mirrored tile effect of the disco ball. I am using 8 lb fireline as a thread. The largest beads will be in the center, belly, of the ball to attempt to add dimension.

As the beadwork progressed, I shaped the curving lines by tapering the edges with 2 and 3 drop brick stitch (that is adding 2 or 3 beads at a time in a single stitch).

When I came near the bottom, I stopped and restarted at the bottom and then worked up, attaching the two pieces.

I then went back to the original line and added beads on the other side working upwards and incorporating the arm of the female disco dancer.

When the top of the ball was completed, I did an extra row of brick stitch around the circumference of the ball to smooth out the edges. Note that this stitching requires a large selection of beads of varying colors, sizes, finishes and shapes. I tried to follow the value differences in the disco ball photo and use specialty beads to enhance the dimension and reflection of the ball. Fun! Joanne


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