Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FGP#17 Frame

When I first started to do brick stitch pictures, I worked from the figures out to the edge. I found it very difficult to end up with straight edges. Since this particular project has a required finished size, I am going to establish the outside edge first then work the background to tie the figures into the already set frame. Because of the size, I feel that this beadwork will require some support, so I am going to wire the outside edge. I chose 16 gauge black colored artistic wire.

First, I sawed a board a little bigger than the 12"x19" finished project size and drew with marker and ruler the 12"x19" rectangle on the board.

I drilled small holes just inside the corners as well as 2" in from the top edge and hammered finishing nails into these holes. I added nails for hanger loops at the top above the extra nails.

I looped the wire around the nail  2" in from the top corner and wound the wire around the bottom nails and the other top corner to the nail 2" in from that edge. The wire was cut and looped off. I threaded a second piece of wire through the two top wire loops, wrapped over the nails above the piece and refastened to itself. I am not an expert wire wrapper but did not want an asymmetrical fastening of the wire. This was my solution.

I then brick stitched size 6 beads around the wire by picking up a bead, putting the needle around the wire and going back through the bead.

A second row of beads is brick stitched to the first forming a framed edge of brick stitching to the supporting wire. Note that the board is temporary only, it exists to establish a definitive size and shape to the outline. The piece will be removed from the board when it is stable. Each project requires an individual presentation technique. When this project is done, I will try to remember to do a blog on presentation variations. Joanne


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