Monday, February 21, 2011

I JUST FELT LIKE IT: Felting exhibit #2

Continuing on with the creation of the last panel "Spring" in the 4 piece installation artwork to be exhibited at Saville Gallery, Cumberland, MD in March:

Dalis Davidson rolls brown wool roving into tree branches:

The rolled roving is placed onto the panel, tucking edges under the dogwood flowers:

Roz Houseknecht, Paige Garber and Bev Thoms assist Dalis in placing the branches.

When the placement of branches is complete, Dalis and Roz pat down the layers of wool while Bev adds color to the clouds.

Sharon Janda, Roz Houseknecht and Bev Thoms begins spraying cool, lightly soapy water onto the panel. When felting wool onto a finely woven background that is not wool, beginning with cool water slows the felting process so that the wool fibers have time to migrate into the brackground before felting to each other.

When the wool is thoroughly wetted, the panel is patted down again using plastic to prevent the wet wool from sticking to hands.

The wetted panel is covered by a large single piece of plastic.


The plastic is smoothed down eliminating air bubbles.

Bev, Dalis and Zita Simutis check the panel for last minute adjustments.

 Dalis and Jeanne Bohlen cut off the excess plastic sheeting.

Using a swim pool noodle for a core, Zita and Dalis begin rolling the panel up into a log.

It takes a lot of hands to smooth the panel so that the rolling is consistent.

Excess water is squeezed out and mopped up along the way.

Draining the excess water.

The roll is tied with nylon stockings.

Whew! Time for a break! Joanne

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