Thursday, February 24, 2011

I JUST FELT LIKE IT: Felting exhibit #3

Now the work begins. Roz Houseknecht and Dalis Davidson carry the rolled and tied wool on tulle piece outside and drain off the excess water.

Roz, along with Paige Garber, Bev Thoms and Sharon Janda begin rolling the wrapped log back and forth with their feet.

 The roll is reversed and rolled in the opposite direction.
 After a spate of rolling, the log is carried back inside and unrolled on the set of tables. The design is checked for shifting and tweaked back into position. Dry spots are rewetted.

 It is recovered with the plastic sheeting and rerolled into a log starting from the opposite end and retied.

 More rolling to continue the felting process. This will be repeated several times.
 The roll containing the Spring panel is wrapped in black plastic garbage bags for transportation home where rolling will be continued until the wool is totally adhered to the tulle backing and to itself. At this point the process of fulling will begin where the panel is beaten and thrown to encourage the wool to draw up and shrink. The 19-20 foot long original size will end up 15 feet or less. Come see the finished 4 seasons panels at the Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD March 10- April 2 along with many individual examples of felted work.

Again, many thanks to the Barnsville, MD Town Hall for the use of this wonderful space. Joanne


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